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Cryptocurrency market making bot

We’ve been creating cryptocurrency trading bots for quite a while now, we developed strategies, optimized and hyperoptimized parameters, but none of our bots was as interactive as the Sublime Bot. Market making is no easy feat, it is one of the most sought after feature by institutional investors. Why? Because it provides profit in both directions by quoting both the buy and the sell sides. In order to insure perfect execution the market making bot must be installed on a server that is close to the target exchange and has a high bandwidth internet connection.

What is it Sublimebot ?

Sublimebot is a program that executes trades on behalf of the client, taking signals and executing them a market making manner, executing trades on the exchanges. We have created connections to all the cryptocurrency exchanges that support these features and will be adding more. The bot allows you connect to your favourite exchange, and execute trades within the selected limits. Sublimebot can be set up as you wish, as it has risk management settings that will keep your account safe. See our FAQ page for help on setting up the bot or join the bot on telegram and you will be guided through the process. The bot alone is a great tool but without proper management it can also be a headache, for this reason we offer our full support and advisory for correctly configuring and optimising the trading bot.
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