The Sublime Story

The how and why behind Sublimetraders

The Sublime Story The Sublime Story The Sublime Story The Sublime Story

The who

We’re programmers, traders and awkward dancers.

Meet logicalorange , oviwan, and dmoon. 3 guys with 3 skills that complete each other. 


A hell of a researcher and sourcer can find you a moon rock on mars.


The profit monster, can create profit where there is none.


Python guru, some say that he was born on 010101.

The how

In our cryptocurrency trading beginnings we were hit with the chaos and “wild west” ish trading environment. It seemed like nothing made sense, and everything was based on news and on superficial psychological reactions, we lost trades there where we shouldn’t have and we were rekt multiple times. Nothing made sense and then we turned to signals , we wanted to see what other “good traders” do righs and we don’t, and there….disaster. It seemed that all the signal groups we joined were created just to make a quick buck and not to actually provide value.


The why

Fast forward a couple of years, we have deployed our first enterprise grade trading algorithm and had very good feedback, this algorithm thrives now with it’s owner.

And then, one night strong on some beer bottles, it hit us. Why don’t we combine everything we know and offer it as a service and make it accessible and understandable for everyone? And we decided to do it, research, what works, how it works, how to really offer value, how to help traders that are where we once were or even how to further develop our services with the help of the community, because hey, guess what, we are not perfect.

This got us to the point where we knew exactly what to do , we wanted to provide a complete service that really helps traders be …well, better.

This is why we created a Sublime signals and Sublime bot, one part gives signals , one part executes. You want one you pick one, want both , perfect.

Enough chat, let's trade baby!