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Investors are rushing into ETH resulting in a 265%...

Data from Coinmarketcap revealed that ETH was trading about $325 at the time of this report, representing roughly 266% profit since March 13th, 2020, when it traded at $90. In addition, ETH miners are smiling to the lender as information feed acquired by Glasscode has shown revenue from fees surging to an all-time high. On

BTC/USD Overview 19 June 2020

Hi everyone we wanted to share with you this weeks overview for the cryptocurrency markets to hopefully help you understand more about them. As always, make your own analysis, check facts and don’t trade blindly, our cryptocurrency trading signals are just one part of your trade, use your risk management . BTC/USD this week (14-19)

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ETH analysis 15-21 June 2020

This week’s altcoin overview is for Vitalik’s baby coin, Ethereum. Let’s dive straight in it. ETH/USD overview The price of Ethereum has been in a downtrend since the 2nd of June when an interaction with the ascending channel’s resistance was made at $253.42. From there we have seen a decrease of 13.95% until yesterday’s low

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Risk management, RR ratio and position sizing in c...

Contents in this article: Opening note Portfolio Account Size Account Risk Trade Risk Position Sizing Final Word Introduction Be it small or large, any kind of portfolio needs proper risk management. The whole point of risk management is to allow you to continue trading, as simple as that. It keeps you for making repeated mistakes

Cardano analysis ADA/BTC under the loupe

We try to provide as much info as possible for our community regarding all the trades we chose and the logic behind them. While it is difficult to detail certain quantitative aspects of our cryptocurrency trading signals, we will from now on provide technical analysis like this here post. ADA/USD overview The price of Cardano