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What is Binance?

Binance is THE biggest cryptocurrency exchange out there, it is the entry portal for 80% of new cryptocurrency traders. Binance offers a wide array of trading instruments as spot market, margin trading, futures market , options and other interesting investment vehicles like crypto lending, staking, savings account, and a mining pool for the bitcoin miners.

Binance trading signals types

Because Binance is a monsterhouse in terms of crypto exchanges, out Binance signals are very diverse. We provide trading signals for the spot exchange(1/1 leverage), the margin exchange which is a basic derivative market where users can go up to 5x their initial investment , the futures exchange which is growing bigger and bigger due to user demand(we ccan go up to 100x the initial investment). Binance has it all , the execution the liquidity, the diversity, it is the most complete cryptocurrency exchange out there. We have separate plans for every type of investment, the most populars are the SPOT CHANNEL and the FUTURES CHANNEL. 

Pros and Cons of Binance exchange


  • High volume 
  • Easy to use and customizable interface
  • Lots of interesting tools
  • Tradingview integration
  • Complete API 
  • Secure platform


  • Financial trap for newcomers in the futures contracts
  • Clunky interface, not newbie friendly

Binance crypto signals

binance signal screen

As all other cryptocurrency trading signals, our binance signals have a very clean and straight forward approach. Subscribers receive their trade notifications on our telegram channel and will have a clear entry range, the profit targets and a stop loss. Due to the amount of supported coins, we post a lot of binance signals every week , but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you should trade every single one of these. We have a complete risk management post on our blog. If you are a more experienced trader and like to trade futures, we suggest having a look at our Bitmex signals page.

We use telegram as our support channel for communicating with our clients, make sure you join our free channel or try our VIP services .