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The most comprehensible and complete cross platform trading signals for Telegram and Discord. Cryptocurrency spot and futures, forex and NFT trading signals.

Want to LEARN trading?

Step into the world of trading with our all-inclusive course designed to turn beginners into confident traders. Discover essential strategies, learn to read market trends, and master advanced techniques. Equip yourself with the tools to navigate any market condition and achieve your financial ambitions. Join us now and start trading like a pro!

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By harnessing advanced algorithms and real-time data, we deliver pinpointed breakout signals, offering an edge in the dynamic world of crypto.
Our platform tracks major spot pairs, including filtering for SPOT , FUTURES pairs or even both. 
Navigate with data-driven insights, analyzing price shifts from short 15-minute intervals to daily overviews. Our app’s foundation ensures seamless and instant data retrieval.

The Sublime Traders LITE package

Feel you are missing on good crypto trades and losing trades you should never have entered? You want big wins and always apply the wrong strategy? Don’t have the time to read through all the crypto related stuff that is already messing with your mind? 
These issues were actually posted by many of our clients, and we always listen to them so we decided to offer the most concentrated and straight forward pack that you will ever need to trade on Binance Futures, Bybit and OkEx.


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Cryptocurrency trading signals

What you get:


Sublime Traders has been featured in the best review sites as one as the most trustworthy and profitable telegram crypto trading group in 2022 running for champion in 2023.
With a unique palette of services that are not only limited to providing simple to follow trading signals but also  educating traders new and experienced in our style of trading.
We try to offer what we were searching for when we first started in crypto.

Pick your team

We know traders preferences vary , so we made our best to support the most used platforms when it comes to trading signals

Team Telegram

Team Discord

Cornix integrated

Connected with all the best crypto exchanges, our partnership with the best cryptocurrency trading bot for telegram lets you automate your trades by following our signals and placing them directly into your exchange. The bot copies our take profits, stop losses and can even be fully automated. 




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Sublime trading signals

Looking for Telegram crypto signals that offer exceptional accuracy and profitability? Look no further than our service. We utilize advanced technology and manual curation to provide you with the most reliable signals from both futures and spot exchanges.

Our proprietary Sublimescanner® ensures that we acquire signals with unmatched precision, enabling us to identify the most profitable cryptocurrencies to trade. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just getting started, our signals provide clear entry, exit, and stop loss points, helping you to maximize your profits while minimizing your risks.


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We keep a constant watch on the markets, so you don't need to. By using our crypto, forex and stocks signals, you save valuable time.

Earn profits from trading while maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

Our professional analyst team diligently monitors the market, constantly researching new projects and opportunities. In addition to analyzing and recommending portfolio building, yield farming, and altcoin reviews, Sublime Traders service also provides valuable insights on the TradFi markets.