Scalping channels update Feb 2023

Hey traders, It’s time to update you all on the Scalping channels, what they mean , how to use them correctly and how to configure cornix for the best usage. First of all let’s set the expectation bar The scalping channels are automated, meaning that no admin checks a trade before being posted, at least

2022 rewind – the year when crypto became ma...

2022 rewind from a traders perspective. An extremely challenging year has finally come to an end. First, let’s look at the past. Over the last 4 years January was a trend setter for the remainder of the year for #BTC .  2019 – Sideways with a  bull bias 2020 – Clear bull after heavy retrace

New Service – The CWH trading Channel

Trading is a demanding activity, and the 2022 market certainly doesn’t help new or seasoned traders for that matter get away with poor entries. For this reason we created a trading strategy that uses TA, the Averaged entries, hedging and the awesome automation that Cornix has in order to provide the best consistency we can.

Forex, stocks and commodity trading calls – ...

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new forex, stocks and commodity trading calls service that has been in the works for quite a while now.Over one month ago, we announced that we are going to be offering a new, full service that will serve Forex, Stocks and commodities calls, pushing Sublime Traders

dejitaru tsuka
Dejitaru Tsuka – the next 30x coin from the ...

Dejitaru Tsuka – Gem Call💎 I rarely do this because i find it is difficult to quantify and apply common analysis techniques. But for a while now i have been analysing what could turn to be one of the biggest gainers of this year. Some of you might have missed SHIB when it wasnt popular,

Sublime Traders Telegram and Discord

Hey everyone, there are a few changes coming to Sublime Traders. First of all , as some of you know we also have a discord server, and as announced last year we are going to push discord more and more. Why discord? There are several reasons why we like discord, the diversity of services we