Hey everyone, there are a few changes coming to Sublime Traders.

First of all , as some of you know we also have a discord server, and as announced last year we are going to push discord more and more.

Why discord?

There are several reasons why we like discord, the diversity of services we can integrate is one of them. We can also organize content way better than on telegram, thus allowing users to find the content they are interested in faster and not miss anything important.
– We can schedule events and livestreams everything with reminders.
– We can have multiple chats with a leveling system that also keeps the chats clean and on point.
– All the indicators, important links, educational content and videos will be neatly organized in separate channels.

What happens to telegram?

Telegram is one of the supporting environments for crypto and we will probably never leave this platform.
All the main signal channels (Spot, Futures, Scalping, Strategies,100eyes) will still be available on telegram for a quick view or quick trade using cornix.

The VIP chat and Advanced chat in telegram will be completely dissolved soon aswell as the High risk channel.

Furthermore, we are now experimenting with Cornix’s discord integration. If the results we find are satisfying we will separate the scalping channel into more logical sub channels that would only be available on Discord.

How to join Sublime Traders Discord?

We implemented a system that crosschecks telegram/discord memberships. Therefore you will need to have and active subscription with Sublime Traders on Telegram AND having joined the Sublime Traders Strategies channel.

Step 1 – If you havent already, you need to have an active subscription that you can get on our payment portal here: https://t.me/sublime_signals_payment_bot
Step 2 – Make sure you join the channels you are interested in but mainly the Sublime Traders Strategies channel .
Step 3 – Join the open Sublime Traders server using this link: https://discord.gg/eATkpKekfN
Step 4 – Click on the #verify-membership channel and click on the verify button.
Step 5 – On telegram, open a chat with https://t.me/sublime_discord_telegram_bot and send it the code that you received on Step 4

That’s it , you should be verified!
If you encounter errors please use https://t.me/sublime_signals_payment_bot and state your issue in the chat.

The transition will take up to one week after which we will adding features regularly.

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