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What is the Sublime ALPHA GROUP?

Sublime Traders has been a trade signal group for the last 2 years. One of our main focuses is to stay in the game, a game that is constantly changing and evolving at a pace never before seen. Our last addition to our already vast array of services is the NFT ALPHA GROUP where we get whitelist spots through collabs, call out good NFT projects early and host community giveaways. The Sublime Traders ALPHA group is more than just NFTs thrown in a discord server, its research and collaboration with the sharpest minds in the space. Add to that the automation layer and we get what we always looked for in the crypto/NFT space. 

Sublime Traders Lifetime Access Pass

The Sublime Traders Lifetime Access Pass is here at last. With this access card you will be able to connect to our Telegram crypto group and to our Discord server that has all the features we provide.
Besides having lifetime access to our services, holding a Lifetime Access Card means you are a VVVVVIP , you will have priority over whitelist partnerships, you will be among the first to test new features we release and you will have access to our in house trading training. 

What is the Sublime ALPHA ACCESS PASS?

The access pass will grant you access to all of Sublime Traders’ club, including crypto trading and the NFT services. The idea behind the pass is that you can exchange anytime you want. So instead of just buying a subscription you can buy an Access Card you can resell (for more depending when you bough) whenever you want .

The pass will allow you to access our services on Discord and on Telegram so you can use all of our trading calls and features.

As stated before, there are immense possibilities with the pass , as all the revenue from the pass will be used to add more and more features, with the ultimate goal being to build a standalone NFT analysis platform that can transform our ideas into features and that can ultimately be presented to members and the public. 

There will be a total of 1000 Passes available for the yearly plan and 100 for the lifetime membership. The sale will take place in increments as stated below.


Sale schedule for the ALPHA ACCESS PASS

1 The first Elite Galactic Voyager passes will be sold at 0.17ETH and will mark the debut of the season. 


2 The second wave of Elite Galactic Voyager passes will be sold at 0.25 ETH and will mark the midway of the sale. 


3 The third wave of Elite Galactic Voyager passes will be sold at 0.30 ETH and will mark the end of the yearly pass sale. 


4 Finally, with wave four we will release the Golden Galactic Voyager Pass that will grant you lifetime access to all of our services. 


Cost : 0.17 ETH 
Available: 50


Cost : 0.25 ETH 
Available: 199


Cost : 0.30 ETH
Amount available: 751


Cost : TBA 
Amount available: 100


Sublime Traders ALPHA ACCESS FAQ

Why does the ALPHA PASS exist?

The Elite Galactic Voyager Pass or Alpha pass exists to facilitate the access to our community. It allows members to join or leave whenever they wish by simply holding the pass.

What is the expiration date of the pass?

The current yearly passes will grant you access all the way through April 1st 2023. So, in fact the members that bought the pass in the first wave would get access to the group for almost 13 Months.

When can i buy an access pass?

You are able to buy a pass anytime during the season. During the sale period  you will be able to buy it at the price we listed on our site or if the sale has ended you will be able to buy them on Opensea from other members. You just need to verify that you are buying from our official collection.

How do i buy the Alpha pass?

You can buy the Elite Galactic Voyager Pass on Opensea by connecting your metamask wallet and buying like you would any other NFT?

How do i get access to the group?

If you are a holder you will need to head to our official discord server where you will be able to confirm your ownership on the collabland verify channel. Once verified you will be able to submit a ticket so you can get access to our telegram channels aswell.

Why is there a creator fee?

The creator fees on Opensea will be used for giveaways, development and remuneration of the modding team. 

Who is the team behind the Sublime Alpha NFT?

The same team that has been with the crypto trading community for the last 2 years. More on that here:

What is the Sublime NFT Web platform?

The Sublime NFT web platform is a dream of ours for a while now. We want to create the most comprehensive and data driven web platform designed specifically for NFTs and Altcoins based on chains like ETH, SOL, DOT, EGLD and more. This dream can only be achieved with the support of the community.

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