How to start trading crypto with Sublime Traders S...

Hello traders, In order to facilitate the whole process of signing up with Sublime Traders, we thought it would be cool to have a clear setup guide. First and foremost, Sublime Traders uses Telegram to post cryptocurrency signals to the community. Telegram is a great community tool , similar to Whatsapp , a tool that

spot an entry point
How to spot an entry point when trading crypto

In general, in crypto trading activity, the most important and challenging thing that may lead to fall or success seems to be selecting an entry and exit point. Before we get to the crypto trading strategies, you should realise the importance of patience. Don’t let the FOMO overcome your judgement; one day, your time will

crypto to trade
Which is the best crypto to trade?

Even if the crypto trading seems to be simple, it becomes challenging to find the proven  cryptocurrency to invest in, according to the high volatility of the crypto market.  According to the hype around Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, trading activity still attracts much attention, almost like in 2018.  By following proper risk management, it is

Risks of auto-trading
Risks of auto-trading and how to manage them

With the progress of any market, there come a lot of solutions presented as special software. Today we will talk about automated trading software and how to use it to take profit considering risk management.  An auto-trading system, or algorithmic trading software, allows traders to establish specific rules to take profit and stop losing. Once

Profitable trading styles
Profitable trading styles

Cryptocurrency rates are unstable. If you choose gold or any other precious metal as an asset, then you should not be afraid of a collapse in its value. Over many years, the price will slowly but surely rise or standstill. Such an investment, although the safest, is not the most profitable. You will not have

crypto trading bot
What is a crypto trading bot?

A crypto trading bot is a computer program that contains an algorithm of actions carried out in response to a certain situation on the market. Trading bots were created to free the cryptocurrency trader from repetitive, boring, and tedious work. There are trading and arbitrage bots. With the help of trading programs, traders trade on

crypto swing trading
What is cryptocurrency swing trading?

When choosing a trading strategy in the cryptocurrency market, a trader should proceed from his trading experience, personal qualities, the size of the deposit, and the availability of free time for trading. The more strategies a trader knows, the richer his experience and the more profitable situations he can see in the market. Swing trading

Scalping trading bots
Scalping cryptocurrency trading bots

of 24/7 monitoring prices of coins. There are different trading bot strategies, but today we are going to talk about scalping.  What is scalping? Scalping style differs from others by making a large number of trades very quickly, which can be a solution for newbies to multiply their deposit by several times while reducing risk

Crypto futures guide
Cryptocurrency futures guide

As you know, cryptocurrency is a great way to invest money now, you can even make a profit after just a couple of days. However, what if we tell you that you can earn money on Bitcoin even when its price is falling?  As you know, cryptocurrency trading activity provides two ways to trade: spot

cryptocurrency value
Why does the cryptocurrency value change so often?

Let us just start by saying that the crypto market is an independent area with tax-free virtual tokens, where anarchy reigns. It means, simply put, that the crypto market is not regulated by any law, which allows it to make its own rules in the game. By the way, understanding the factors under which a

crypto investments
How to prevent cyberattacks on your cryptocurrency...

Is crypto trading profitable? Of course, but under the condition of cyber hygiene. What does it mean? Crypto trading caused quite a stir between investors, and scammers also want to make easy money. You should always be prepared, aware, and updated to counteract such unlawful acts by following particular instructions, about which we will talk