How to start trading crypto with Sublime Traders S...

Hello traders, In order to facilitate the whole process of signing up with Sublime Traders, we thought it would be cool to have a clear setup guide. First and foremost, Sublime Traders uses Telegram to post cryptocurrency signals to the community. Telegram is a great community tool , similar to Whatsapp , a tool that

How to hack OkEx Happy friday airdrop Dec 2020

Here’s the deal, OkEx is a serious exchange but has had some legal problems which scared some of the users away, no wonder, in a world of crypto that is just barely starting to get regulated. In order to regain the trust of the community, they are creating a lot of rewards for traders to

crypto signal provider
How to use Trade Signal Groups for crypto

Cryptocurrency trading signal groups are one of the best options for new users to get into trading. You don’t need to have any prior experience or knowledge to join, and a good trading signal group will literally take your hand and guide you all the way through the trading process . So you heard that

Paypal entering the crypto market offering bitcoin...

This Wendsday, 21 October 2020 , Paypal has officially announced that all Paypal customers will be able to use cryptocurrency like Bitcoin(BTC), ETH(Ethereum), BCH(Bitcoin Cash) and LTC(Litecoin) to shop at any merchant that has their services integrated. And all this is starting in Q1 2021. Ladies and gentlemen the cryptocurrency revolution can now BEGIN officially.

sushiswap platform
The fundamentals of $Sushiswap

In this post we will be trying to analyze the fundamentals of a token that has created some hype and then some distress among traders recently. What is SushiSwap? $Susishwap is one of the newest DeFi(decentralized finance) liquidity pool platform. On this platform people can add their ERC Tokens and participate in the liquidity pool

Ichimoku trading strategy on cryptocurrency

First of all , Ichimoku isn’t a character from a manga series, it’s a collection of indicators that show support, resistances, trend and momentum in a single indicator. It is also one of the most complex technical indicator that creates a lot of misunderstanding amongst novice traders. What is the Ichimoku Cloud? Ichimoku was created

Top Crypto Signals Providers for BitMex on Telegra...

We all know what Bitmex is by now, it’s not only the most popular cryptocurrency futures exchange but it has one of the largest volumes on the market and allows users to leverage trades up to 100X on cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum , Litecoin, Ripple, EOS, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano and TRON. This is really the

5 mistakes new traders make on BitMEX, Bybit and o...

The majority of new traders on Bitmex are exposed to some trading mistakes that can mess up their portfolio in a big way even get them out of trading altogether. Ordinarily, the BitMex platform has an extremely low barrier to entry, which means anyone with a small starting capital, internet connection, and a computer/ smartphone

Sublime Traders update 3.08 – Approvals, AI ...

Hello traders, It’s time for our weekly update so let’s take a look on what this week is going to look like. First of all, we have had an amazing past week with great returns.Bitcoin has got up to $12,123 on Binance that was perfectly predicted by our take profit . Since then we have

Crypto Trading Signals: How to Be Consistently Pro...

The rise of cryptocurrency trade has seen several innovations come up to facilitate trade. Today, it is not enough just to trade crypto. To succeed in the highly volatile crypto market, you need to be as efficient as possible. And it does not matter whether you’re a beginner or advanced trader, because you will still