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Hello traders, In order to facilitate the whole process of signing up with Sublime Traders, we thought it would be cool to have a clear setup guide. First and foremost, Sublime Traders uses Telegram to post cryptocurrency signals to the community. Telegram is a great community tool , similar to Whatsapp , a tool that

paper trading
A crypto trading guide: What is paper trading?

Don’t you know how cryptocurrency exchange platforms work? Feel afraid of sudden crypto moves and don’t want to lose your money because of absence experience?  Don’t worry; we have a solution – today we will talk about paper trading, which will help you to try yourself at crypto trading without the risk of losing real

diversified crypto portfolio
How to diversify cryptocurrency trading portfolio?

Doubtless, you should follow some binding rules to trade successfully. According to our investing for beginners course, today we will talk about building a trading portfolio with low risk and high return investments.  Have you ever heard of the proverb that states it is not recommended to keep all your eggs in one basket? In

best trading signals
Find the best crypto trading signals provider

First, let’s discover what does the word “best” mean in this regard. Without exaggeration, we can indeed name the trading provider the best if it meets your needs, which can be very different.  Jumping ahead, we want to notice that you would not better feed you with false hope to earn money without making any

future signal trading
Futures, Falling Knife and FOMO

As you know, knowledge is power. It is essential always to refresh your crypto vocabulary to develop at trading with confidence. Today we prepared for you some terms, which will help you to understand the crypto market better.  All right, let’s begin with the advice, that futures trading is not for beginners, as that platform

beginner crypto trading
Tips for beginner crypto trading investors

Unfamiliarity with cryptocurrency can easily end in a loss of capital. However, you can avoid this if you follow simple rules. The cryptocurrency market is a promising direction in the financial world. Major institutional investors invest millions of dollars in crypto trading. Perhaps their demand for bitcoin will continue to grow; at least, the stock

trading on the Binance
Cryptocurrency trading on the Binance exchange

The Binance cryptocurrency exchange entered the world TOP in terms of cryptocurrency trading volume a year after its opening. At the moment, it tops the list of the best cryptocurrency exchanges. Since 2018, the exchange has been the undisputed leader in terms of trading volume and the number of users. Binance has attracted the attention

crypto trading results
How to measure results at crypto trading

Do you remember how your mother taught you to keep things in order? Like at our home, the same goes for business, everywhere the discipline is binding. Today we will talk about an activity, which everyone likes – about counting money.  Crypto trading – is a very demanding activity, which requires extraordinary responsibility, accuracy, and

Trading signals
Trading signals – will they help you or hurt...

Stop sitting behind your computer screen and watch live cryptocurrency prices 24/7, dreaming about how rich you can become, consider using the trading signals. Make your dreams real even without a particular trading experience when you became a part of our sublime family. We provide the best Binance and Bitmex signals, which will let everyone

profitable trading portfolio
How to collect a profitable trading portfolio?

2020 brought many surprises to traders and investors. Due to the pandemic and quarantines around the world, many traditional market assets have become less promising for capital investments. On the other hand, cryptocurrencies showed excellent growth and attracted increased attention. The top crypto coin, Bitcoin, has risen by 50% since January. Ethereum has risen almost

trade on the Binance
How to trade on the Binance exchange?

The Binance cryptocurrency exchange entered the TOP-10 platforms in terms of trading volume, even when the exchange was not even a year old. Binance remains among the leaders today, often leading trade ratings. Several factors contributed to the platform’s success, including functionality and professional management. Binance is a virtual cryptocurrency trading platform headquartered in Hong

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