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Cryptocurrencies as a payment method

Do you know the interesting fact that many writers predicted the future, as Jules Verne predicted the electric submarine in his “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea”? Sounds fantastic, isn’t it? But no author didn’t expect the appearance of modern money – cryptocurrencies.  According to the popularity of crypto investing, which seems to be the

Passive ways to make money
Passive ways to make money on cryptocurrency

At the moment, the cryptocurrency market has a wide range of passive income methods. If you are the owner of Bitcoins or other coins, you probably wondered about the available passive options for increasing capital. Profitability. The modern banking system cannot boast of high-interest rates on deposits. Moreover, the interest rate is sometimes negative; you

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How to choose an exchange for cryptocurrency tradi...

The cryptocurrency attracts traders with the volatility of the exchange rate. It can fluctuate by tens or even hundreds of percent a day. This volatility in price has made digital assets a favorite tool for speculators. Users trade cryptocurrencies to make quick profits. The most convenient place for this is the exchange. Each of them

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The Best Cryptocurrency Trading Bots

Unlike the stock and foreign exchange market, the cryptocurrency market is new and super-volatile. As a result of such volatility, over the past five years, there has been an increase in crypto trading bots that help overcome losses and protect profits. The cryptocurrency market is a global market that does not sleep. It is active

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Cryptohopper trading bot review

Looking to start trading in the multi-billion dollar cryptocurrency arena but have little experience? If so, you might want to take a closer look at the merits of a cryptocurrency trading bot. It allows you to buy and sell digital currencies without sitting at your computer all day. The bot will work autonomously, observing the

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What is Backtesting in Crypto Trading?

Crypto trading is a trend that more and more traders are adopting. At the same time, as the price and capitalization of many cryptocurrencies are rising, more and more people are being encouraged to take the step to save on Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Backtesting is a general method of testing the effectiveness of a

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What are margin trading and leverage?

Margin trading is a type of transaction in which individual investors buy more shares than they can afford. They take out a loan from the exchange to increase their profits. If you are a trader, you have probably seen the term trading with margin or leverage. It is a trading method by which you can

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The 2021 guide for trading cryptocurrencies

Because of the current hype around the cryptocurrency market, the number of investors is rising every day. Believe it or not, but a lot of crypto kings and famous analytics tell us that all that is happening around crypto is the only beginning, so don’t waste your time and start investing, when others say that

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What is cryptocurrency inflation?

Regardless of the type of economic system, you always want to see a stable picture and, ideally, positive development dynamics. But world practice dictates its terms. The last decades have become a vivid example of this. In such a short period, the world has experienced several waves of economic crisis. This also affected crypto trading.

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Is discipline important for a crypto trader?

In the profession of a crypto trader, events are developing so rapidly that technical skills and knowledge alone are not enough for success. Of course, a trader needs to know and understand the principles of cryptocurrencies, the history of each project, current trends, and use the trading signal apps. But profitable investing also has a

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