best coins to mine 2022

If you are wondering which are the best cryptos to mine in 2022 you have come to the right place. With the current crypto market slump , mining can be profitable but not on all the mineable coins. There is no single best crypto, which is why you should choose the best one for your specific needs and circumstances. To make the decision easier, here are the best cryptos to mine in 2022: Ethereum, Cardano, Dash, and Ren. Here are the pros and cons of each one and which is the best one for you.

ETH from POW to POS

Let’s face it, mining crypto is not the best way to fuel a thriving ecosystem and ETH creator Vitalik Buterin saw this coming since the very creation of ETH. For now we can still mine ETH profitably with GPUs like Nvidia GTX 3080 but what would we mine when ETH goes from POW(proof of work) to POS(Proof of Stake), will we mine ETC , will we create validation nodes, what would be profitable?

According to What to mine, the best coins to mine with a 3080Ti Nvidia card are the following. Let’s take a look at some of them and some others aswel.

Best coins to mine 2022

Basic Attention Token

Based on the current price trend, it is expected that the average Basic Attention Token will reach a price of $0.42 in 2022. This price may climb to as high as $0.46 in June, but is unlikely to dip below $0.42. Crypto experts are continuously analyzing and forecasting the price of Basic Attention Token. They believe that in July 2022, BAT might reach a price of $0.44 and may hit as high as $0.46. By the end of the year, it is predicted that the average price will rise to about $4.50 to $5.35. By 2028, BAT could be worth $4.62, which would be the highest value to date.

While many cryptos are in the early stages of development, Basic Attention Token is one of the most promising ones to look out for. It has a worthwhile purpose and is being marketed as a decentralized advertising currency. This decentralized cryptocurrency is based on the Ethereum blockchain network and aims to solve a specialized need in advertising. It will be useful to both investors and online publishers, and its price will continue to rise.


The Cardano project has defined its protocol as a third generation blockchain, which will allow smart contracts, quality control, and supply chain governance. The open-source protocol is similar to Ethereum, which is why it has been so popular among investors. Its protocol is based on a transparent architecture, and entering it is easy, fast, and free. Its early adopters have already made a lot of progress, including its integration with Ethereum.

As of November 2021, Bitcoin holds around 42% of the total market, while Cardano has just recently launched. The two cryptos have a proven track record, with Ethereum’s Proof-of-Work blockchain having a proven track record. With Cardano, miners are replaced by validators. The technology behind Cardano’s Ouroboros consensus method has been described as “proof of stake,” which is equivalent to traditional mining.

A few other cryptocurrencies with great upside potential are Dogecoin and Cardano. The meme coin Dogecoin has been predicted to reach $1 by December 2022. Investing in Dogecoin now will provide you with a huge upside. Meanwhile, Cardano is a popular, fast-growing blockchain technology that is set to redistribute power from unaccountable structures.


If you’re looking for a new cryptocurrency to mine in the future, you may be wondering what Dash is. Its history is closely linked to Bitcoin’s. Founder and developer, Justin Sun, originally wanted to create a better currency, but his ideas were dismissed by the community. This lead him to come up with the idea of creating a competitor to Bitcoin. Sun stressed the privacy and security benefits of his new technology, and he also created a secure network for data processing.

After years of thriving crypto mining in North America, the year 2022 has been a roller coaster. China imposed regulatory crackdowns and global chip shortages have severely curbed the supply of new mining rigs. North American miners, meanwhile, have had an excellent year. Canada and the U.S. are now the undisputed hashrate capitals of the world. Despite this setback, the future looks bright for Dash mining.

ASIC-resistant, Monero is one of the best cryptos to mine in 2022. This cryptocurrency can be mined using GPUs and CPUs. Its algorithm is constantly changing to prevent ASIC-mining, and it generates a reward every two minutes. Litecoin is also popular with miners. Since Litecoin is available almost everywhere, it’s stable and doesn’t require a massive investment to earn profit.


If you’re looking for the best cryptos to mine in 2022, look no further than Ren. The cryptocurrency is similar to Bitcoin, but is also different in some ways. While Bitcoin was created as a peer-to-peer currency, it is not yet a store of value. Bitcoin’s mining protocol is similar to gold mining – computers solve complex mathematical problems, consuming value in the process. Therefore, mining Bitcoin will take much of your time.

REN is already available on several cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Binance and eToro. It is also possible to stake REN and earn a variety of assets. Using an ETH compatible wallet, you can limit the selling pressure of your reward earnings. The good thing about REN is that it uses the Ethereum network, so you can store it in any wallet compatible with ETH. This means that you’ll be able to mine it in 2022, and earn a lot of money in the process.

If you’re thinking about buying REN, the timing is perfect. REN could reach $0.89 or even higher. This is possible, but it is best to wait for longer-term predictions. The coin will rise to $2 in 2022, with a strong growth in the first half of the year. After all, investors in cryptocurrencies always plan for the long-term. If REN can break through the psychological resistances it faces right now, it could reach $0.74 or even higher.


If you want to know which Algorand cryptos to mine in the year 2022, it would be best to start mining them now. This digital currency was created by Silvio Micali to allow people to transact efficiently. The Algo uses a proof-of-stake blockchain protocol. Its supply is capped at 10 billion tokens. Its price has yet to reach its all-time high, but it is predicted to hit $1.50 by 2022.

The decentralized economy has many advantages. It is beneficial to businesses, consumers, and the environment. A blockchain protocol ensures high payment processing speed, full completion, and instantaneous completion. Other blockchains are plagued by insecurity and lack of transactional integrity. Algorand’s development team relies on scientific research and collaboration with powerful business partners. By using blockchain technology, the project aims to minimize the cost of participating in the blockchain operations.

The Algorand blockchain uses stateless and stateful intelligent contracts to secure data. These contracts are designed to perform multiple transactions when predetermined criteria are met. Additionally, the data stored by stateful contracts is maintained forever. This means that data can be used for other purposes. Algorand is set to rise to $6.32 by 2022. In the future, this cryptocurrency will be a top gainer.

Hedera Hashgraph

Hedera Hashgraph, a new cryptocurrency controlled by a council of multinational corporations, will run on millions of nodes all over the world, communicating and comparing transaction history. The cryptocurrency has raised about 155 million dollars in funding, and it’s currently in the eToro cryptocurrency lineup. If you want to mine cryptocurrency, you should get familiar with Hedera Hashgraph.

Hedera uses robust blockchain technology to process transactions quickly and inexpensively. It claims to process 10,000 transactions per second, and the average transaction fee is less than $0.0001. It uses minuscule energy and has been validated as asynchronous byzantine fault-tolerant (ABFT).

The Hedera Hashgraph cryptocurrency has a bright future as it can be used for transactions without a native token. It is not designed for smart contracts, but uses a byzantine fault-tolerant consensus system to make transactions as secure as possible. Multiple nodes are required to process transactions, validate them, and authenticate them. If you’re looking for a profitable crypto to mine in 2022, Hedera Hashgraph is the best cryptocurrency to mine.

The price of Hedera Hashgraph is at a low-risk entry point, but it’s expected to surge in price over the next year. With ongoing developments, it could easily reach a price of $0.5 or $3 by 2022. This crypto currency is available on software and hardware wallets and can be stored on mobile devices as well. There are many ways to store Hedera Hashgraph, including mining on a hardware wallet.

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