VIP signals have been proven to be highly profitable as you can check yourself in our results page. Wether you are an experienced trader or just starting in trading cryptocurrency you will find the opportinity to make good profit and improve your trading skills with our VIP packages.

Note that all the payments should be done on the official telegram payment portal and no refunds are possible. The accepted payment methods are Credit Card (recurring monthly subscription), BTC and ETH.

Make sure you check this page regularly, as we sometimes host promos on our telegram crypto group access that can go all the way up to 70%.

May promotion – The users that get the LITE plan will also get access to the Forex channel if they subscribe throughout MAY 2023

Lite Plan

Futures only Starter plan
$ 99 Monthly
  • Futures Signals 3x-10x
  • Scalping Signals
  • Cornix Integration
  • Strategies channel

Basic Plan

Futures only Starter plan
$ 210 Monthly
  • Futures Signals 3-10x
  • Scalping Signals 50x
  • Cornix integration
  • Spot Signals 1x
  • Strategies channel
  • Forex channel
  • Lorentzian ML indicator access
Best value

Full Plan

Futures only Starter plan
$ 299 Monthly
  • Discord access Bonus
  • Futures Signals 3-10x
  • Scalping Signals 50x
  • Cornix integration
  • Spot Signals 1x
  • Spot Signals 1x
  • FOREX signals
  • Strategies Channel
  • Daily market context
  • Educational content
  • Tradingview scripts

Sublime Traders services explained

Futures channel

Crypto trading signals with setups that are designed for leveraged positions. The Futures channel is a manual signal channel, meaning that Sublime Traders admins post the trade setups manually and you can execute them on your leveraged exchange either manually or automatically by using Cornix bot.

Scalping channel

The Scalping channel is a 100% automated channel. This channel is configured with a specific thing in mind, detect, post and execute trades as soon as possible and secure the trades with a restrictive “moving to target” Cornix configuration. The Scalping channel also uses futures exchanges. Supported exchanges for the scalping channel: Binance , Bybit, Kucoin and more coming soon.

Spot channel

Spot means that no leverage is used in this channel. You will actually trade and own the underlying asset for the duration of your trade. The spot trades usually have larger stop losses , larder take profits or are meant to be portfolio entries.

Cornix integration

Cornix is the best executing trading bot for telegram. We have implemented Cornix trading bot on all of our direct signal channels in Telegram and on Discord.

Crypto scanner

We offer a variety of crypto scanners with our services. One of them is integrated in telegram, several others are integrated in Sublimetraders Discord Server and you also have a free scanner on our 24/7 Live stream that you can find on our Youtube Channel .

Strategies Channel

The Sublime Traders Strategies channel is the place where we place our mid term analysis, strategies that can not be parsed by Cornix and trade ideas on cryptocurrencies, NFTs and Stocks. It is also the place where we share Sublime Traders related news with our community. Being part of this channel is mandatory for members wanting Discord server access.

Sublime Traders Discord

Our Discord is teeming with information crypto signals, scanners, bots that pull information from different sources and so , so much more. On discord we talk and trade NFTs aswell , so if you want to get into that, our discord is the place for you .

Educational content

We have multiple types of educational content and we cover multiple levels of experiences. When you join Sublime Traders you will get access to documentation, books, strategies, videos that are so extensive you will probably be overwhelmed at first.

Sublime Indicators

You saw one of them already on our 24/7 livestream , our suite of tradingview indicators is offered to all members that have the according plan.