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The best time to invest in low/mid cap cryptos is right now, when they are significantly undervalued, this is our list of Cryptos to buy in 2022. The savviest investors buy when the coin is not well-known and will reap the benefits once it begins to receive mainstream attention. However, as the cryptocurrency market grows, the coins will only increase in value. Here are a few low cap cryptos to buy now. This article will discuss Terra (LUNA), THORChain, ApeCoin.

Terra (LUNA)

The LUNA native token and Terra network is a promising project that aims to create a global payment network that will eliminate national barriers. Many analysts and traders consider the project promising and anticipate a rise in price. However, there are many factors that can influence the price of Terra. Here are some of the factors to watch when investing in this cryptocurrency. And remember, no one investment is a sure thing.

The first coin to enter the market was Terra (LUNA). It entered at $0.8 and hovered around that price until the end of June. In July, it spiked to an all-time high of $1.3133. Then, it failed to consolidate around this price and crashed dramatically, dropping to $0.2588 by the end of the year. Clearly, the market is overstretched and investors should keep this in mind as they consider investing in the cryptocurrency market.

While LUNA is currently the 8th largest cryptocurrency, it is a promising project to keep an eye on. The LUNA token’s growth is due in large part to its use in governance and staking. Users stake LUNA to validators to record transactions on the blockchain. The more terra that a user holds, the higher the value of their LUNA. On May 3rd, Defi Llama revealed that the total locked luna was roughly equivalent to $110 billion in ether. While this is still a while off, LUNA’s development and milestones have created some buzz for its future.

As cryptocurrency markets have continued to grow in recent years, it is possible to find some hidden gems in the crypto market. This strategy involves buying these low-cap coins while they’re still undervalued, and then watching their prices climb as their underlying projects gain popularity and become more widespread. This method has been extremely profitable in recent years, and many low cap cryptos are now listed on sites like eToro. As with all cryptoassets, these assets are unregulated, which means that there are no investor protections in the UK or EU.


THORChain is a low-cap cryptocurrency that is slated to launch a value-transfer protocol. As the network grows in popularity, the RUNE token will follow. THORChain has worked hard to prevent attacks and have already changed their protocol to be more resilient against these attacks. With various services, the coin can be used by investors in many ways and will only increase in value as its market cap increases.

As its price continues to rise, the QNT platform token is also poised for a breakout. This platform token is connected to Quant, a blockchain protocol that improves information flow between blockchains. Through Quant, enterprise software and blockchains can exchange data and communicate with one another. By staking on the Quant network, QNT acts as a utility token. It is also used to pay for apps.

THORChain has a roadmap, but it is lacking in comprehensiveness. It only mentions the launch of the mainnet in Q3 of this year. The roadmap further notes that ThorChain will support smart contract chains and privacy coin blockchains. While it is not yet clear how well it will perform in the mainnet, the roadmap seems to indicate that the math is sound and the development team has done a good job. In addition, THORChain has launched a service called THORName, which bridges human-readable names to machine-readable identifiers.


As Bitcoin and ethereum struggle to break through $40,000 per coin, a new cryptocurrency called ApeCoin is gaining a lot of attention. Founded by a group of developers, ApeCoin has been predicted to reach a market cap of $7 billion in 2022. In fact for our Cryptos to buy in 2022 list, a recent report by Finder cites its potential as one of the best altcoins for 2022.

With its current market cap of $3.8 billion, ApeCoin is a solid digital currency with bold ambitions. In addition to forming a network that allows users to exchange tokens, ApeCoin is planning to use smart contracts. In fact, it has pioneered this technology, offering unique digital collectibles, including the Bored Ape NFT. The coin’s creators recently teased its upcoming project, which will explore the metaverse and allow users to vote on projects they want to see happen.

The APE coin recently doubled from a mid-April price of $11 to more than $40. This spike has resulted in increased trading volume for APE futures, and has cost traders millions of dollars. The sudden spike came ahead of a virtual land auction in the popular BAYC ecosystem. Virtual land will be sold for 305 APE each, compared to a Dutch auction of 1,000,000 APE.

Swipe (SXP)

You may be wondering what to make of Swipe (SXP), a new low cap cryptocurrency. In this article, you will learn more about the potential of this token. It is a relatively new coin and is currently trading at $3.53. Its price is projected to reach $4.00 in the next year. The price is also on track to break the $7 mark by 2025. This cryptocurrency is definitely one to watch. A similar coin to SXP can be found here .

The current market capitalization of Swipe is $79,631,815 USD and its circulating supply is 110,581,302 SXP. It is traded on 10 different exchanges and is ranked 159th among all cryptocurrencies. The Swipe price depends on various factors, including the adoption rate by institutional investors and retail users, technological developments, and market forces. To be fully aware of Swipe’s current value, you should keep a close eye on it.

The price of Swipe (SXP) is at its lowest point today, but this may change in the near future. It may reach as high as $5.54 by the end of the year, and it might even reach $10 in the coming months. The chart below outlines the current price of SXP and the future price potential. You can also see which cryptocurrencies are on the rise and which are on the decline.

DeFi Coin

As we move forward towards 2022, we must consider the future of the DeFi coin. As the decentralized finance protocol (DEFI), the market cap is projected to fall to $177.6 billion in 2022, a decrease of 29% from its December high of $252 billion. The decline in value occurred across a variety of decentralized platforms. The biggest fall was in the TVL of Curve, the largest DeFi protocol by volume. Despite this drop, the staking service Lido took a 13% hit, while Terra’s Anchor fell by 21% after losing its peg to the U.S. dollar.

Although the market capitalization of a project may be relatively low, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it is not worthy of investment. The market cap is simply a measure of how much money the coin is worth, and it can convince potential investors to commit funds. To start, the market cap of a cryptocurrency is broken down into three categories: small, medium, and large. Small cap tokens are considered risky investments. Among these projects, there are Siacoin and ICHI. Other low cap cryptos to consider include GHST, ARRR, and MPL.

Unlike a traditional asset, a cryptocurrency has a high volatility and is not regulated. This means that the price of a DeFi coin can rise or fall quickly. It can reach multiples of its price in a short period of time and may even hit $140 billion by 2022. As long as its developers are able to get their project ready for market, the DeFi coin should grow in popularity.

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