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Dejitaru Tsuka – Gem Call💎

I rarely do this because i find it is difficult to quantify and apply common analysis techniques. But for a while now i have been analysing what could turn to be one of the biggest gainers of this year.

Some of you might have missed SHIB when it wasnt popular, but for me personally it was my biggest crypto trade on spot . Now , the same creator is onto another project that is growing steadily every day. BTW the creator is talking in cyphers with the community , making it work and creating cohesion(just a side note).

Now what am i talking about?

$TSUKA – or Dejitaru Tsuka is the new brainchild of Ryoshi , the creator of SHIB, he later left the project when it took a turn he didnt want. The coin has surrounds itself with Tibetan/Japanese lore and as said before the communication from the creator is mostly done in cyphers through blockchain messages.

Why do i even consider this token as a 10x-20x or more x’s potential? Take this with a grain of salt , there are some big negatives in the project, if you are too late , don’t even bother.

Dejitaru Tsukaupsides:

  • Both TSUKA and SHIB started with $3k in liquidity, the community grew and at a given point in time it blew up.
  • Current market cap has a lot of room to grow
  • Community is still young and is not filled with speculators(yet)
  • No dev wallet no VC
  • Could possibliy launch soon on

Dejitaru Tsuka downsides:

  • Site is simple
  • Community is young
  • No lifechanging blockchain mechanics or features
  • Ryoshi is a dubious character

But then again, SHIB just had a pretty site that didn’t promise anything and now every crypto trader on the planet has traded it at least once.

A bit about the potential creator , Ryoshi

Ryoshi isnt a genious but just a social engineer, he prays on the unending thirst for profits that “crypto traders” or “crypto investors” manifest when placed in front of a hyped project. Someone in his close circle wrote a very detailed article on Ryoshi aka Nii Hideo, you can check it this DOXX OF THE SHIB FOUNDER article.
Now this doesn’t mean te coin can’t moon, absolutely not. It can go up thousands of percents before dumping harder than gravity itself. The key here is to not be among the last and not forget that no community matters as active as it may be , no one gives a crap a bout a community, we are all here for profit. Sure, along the way we may make a few friends but the idea is to not become a fanatic and support something that you don’t understand fully.

Anyway, you need to do your own dilligence, decide for yourself and of course risk what you can afford to lose, don’t ape in. This article is a recommendation based on my analysis that could potentially be wrong, just know that this coin/project/community or idea exists.
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