Hello everyone,

It has been a long adventure from idea to final realized project. We have had a lot of questions on the way and we were discouraged also by the sheer number of cryptocurrency signal providers that are now well… all over the place. But then we thought again , we started this idea just because of that , there are so many cryptocurrency signal providers and only a handful are delivering almost what they promised. So yea, in short , the majority of signal providers suck , BIG TIME, we have been there and we were sick of it.

Meet Sublime Traders

What is Sublime Traders ? First of all is an idea, the idea to create a community that trades cryptocurrency assets in the most profitable way possible. How do we get this? Well, simple or not so simple, the basic formula is : A killer cryptocurrency entry signal with a clear explanation of why the crypto pair was chosen, and then with the input of the community adapt, overcome, improvise .

Why us?

We take great pride in knowing that we are the only ones that provide a full suite of services, from clear crypto signals with complete technical analysis, education videos, live streams, an exceptional customer support.

It’s not just about signals, it’s also about the execution

With trading execution is everything, we know that we have missed a ***load of trades because we were not present and because we have programming experience we decided to also tackle the cryptocurrency trading bot market and will launch within 3 weeks our very own telegram cryptocurrency trading bot which will make the pleasure of our users. The full list of features will be announced shortly and in great detail. We promise that this bot will make your trading easier and will offer some features that aren’t available on the open market.

Who are we, and why are we capable of providing such a service?


We are 3 profit hunters, programmers and market analysts, and this is not just thrown here for the sound of it. One of us has been there when Lehman Brothers caused the economical disaster in September 2008 and we as a team have been advising, creating and optimizing market execution algorithms for one of the first cryptocurrency hedge funds which is now trading over $16M monthly. What we don’t have is end user feedback , and we figured this is where you , the final user have a say in how we provide our services.

We are open for discussions and debates over telegram, whatsapp and fax .

Huston over and out