2022 rewind from a traders perspective. An extremely challenging year has finally come to an end.

First, let’s look at the past. Over the last 4 years January was a trend setter for the remainder of the year for #BTC . 

2019 – Sideways with a  bull bias

2020 – Clear bull after heavy retrace

2021 – Clear bull continuation

2022 – Clear bear due to the macro economic situation.

2022 rewind

2022 has bean a year of discoveries for BTC and the crypto market in general. We discovered enough, let’s not be the explorers we were this year and just ride the roads we know, shall we?

We now know how Bitcoin fares during war and a pandemic , both at the same time. Add to that the inevitable side-effects of those two major events(in the form of inflation) and you have a global bear market , that is not a recession if you listen to the government officials.

When giants fall

We have also learned that giants fall, and when they do they leave craters behind. LUNA investors have learned hard lessons this year. What was expected to be a standard May  profit taking turned out to be the first major crypto related, black swan event of the year, and it was not pleasant. 

And because we usually one or two Black swans in a year, we got the FTX fall that absolutely devastated investors. And this was difficult to predict, I give you that . You would have needed to be an insider to know how rotten the insides of this company were. Anyway, SBF is now out on bail and I truly think that if the justice system won’t get to him, investors will.

But , let’s take a step back and look at the whole market, not only the crypto one. As said before, we usually get one or two black swan events a year, but if you count: War + covid aftermath + inflation + LUNA + FTX, you get 5 . 5 major economic events that affect tradfi and crypto….insane  

What a shit year this has been, thankfully it’s over. 

Now looking at the 2022 rewind from a more personal angle

Sublime Traders also learned a lot this year. We lost some friends and we gained some new ones, we learned that crypto has the ability to become a bottomless pit , much in contrast with the previous 2021 which was guided by governments printing money and people frantically «  investing» stimulus checks into crypto.

We also built a lot this year, some features like Brutal Scalps, and the new services like CWH are trailers for what we have planned in 2023 . 

It is with this closing line that the Sublime Traders team wishes you a happy new year!

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