According to the high cryptocurrency price, the activity of trading crypto makes a lot of people mad. It is easier to keep your real money safe, for example, by keeping it under the pillow, but how to keep the virtual money secured? The Internet and various digital communication technologies improve our lifestyle and require a higher responsibility to keep our private info and money safe online.

As you become a cryptocurrency trader, you must learn some helpful habits that will accompany you throughout life. Just for the record, It is not recommended connecting to public Wi-Fi if you want to keep your info private and money safe. To be an owner of crypto coins means always to be on your guard and be careful with the links or any received info sent by strangers to prevent being scammed. How to identify a scammer? Be ready that even an owner of your favorite crypto signals group can be a scammer who wants to steal your data.

So let’s talk about ways of enhancing your crypto wallet’s security and solutions to avoid scams. 

How to keep digital money safe?

  • Use only strong passwords. 

You probably have the same password for all your social network apps, easy to remember, like your birth date, telephone number, name, and surname. You should also realize that it is easy to guess the password, consisting of numbers with simple words, and thereby simplify the process of hacking your account. To be sure about your money and info security, we can advise you to use password generator apps ( both for Android devices and for gadgets with an iOS operating system). There is also available an online version of this feature. 

A bit of advice — an auto-saving password feature precisely simplifies your working process, but you’d better avoid it. Ignore the password-saving tools of your browser. It can be pretty dangerous when it comes to online security.

keep digital money safe

  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)

Today, 2FA is very popular, and probably you are already using it to improve your accounts’ security. For newbies: 2FA — a two-factor authentication, was created to provide an extra layer of safety to protect your data against any unlawful actions of scammers who even know your password. How does it work? Let’s discover the 2FA feature in the case of Google account. For example, if you want to log in to your account with the 2FA from the second device, you should enter the particular number, which will appear on the screen of first, which already has access. 

  • Prefer cold USB wallets

Cold crypto wallets have no internet connection, so you have no reasons to worry about your funds, which will be kept away from scammers. Experienced traders advise keeping your money, not in a single wallet, and you’d better buy several ones. Why? In case of losing one crypto-wallet, you will not lose all of your funds.

  • Be careful with the public Wi-Fi hotspots.

How to protect your data from the wrong hands? If possible, don’t connect to the public Wi-Fi hotspots because hackers can breach the devices connected. There is one of the most popular ways of internet scams. If it is primarily needed to use public Wi-Fi, use a VPN app. You can find out more information about Wi-Fi scams here.

Can cold crypto wallets be hacked?

Of course, nothing can guarantee 100% security of your account or wallet. It can be helpful to treat unknown people with strange offers like scammers. Ignore sent links from strangers and don’t download any apps because it can be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. What does it mean? There can be a cloaked “stealer of data” under the simple app or archive guise, which can steal files from your cold wallet. 

Be careful with the strangers who found you at the Telegram chat. Scammers can collaborate with the owners of crypto signals communities to steal files from followers’ cold wallets. Ignore people, who ask you to download something, and remember to be careful with unknown links.

free crypto signals

Be careful with free crypto signals

How to protect your money from wasting it? Have you ever heard about crypto signals groups? It is a solution for new users who have no experience in analyzing the market and cryptocurrencies. It is an excellent opportunity to make money, but you can never be sure of your success. 

How to choose the right crypto signals group and how to understand whether it can be trusted? 

At first, you should realize that free cheese is in a mousetrap. What does it mean? Great advice is seldom cheap, so don’t believe a random telegram group with currency trading signals. Pay attention and ask a representative to give you any guarantee to prove its reliability, or try to talk with the clients of the chosen service.