We all know what Bitmex is by now, it’s not only the most popular cryptocurrency futures exchange but it has one of the largest volumes on the market and allows users to leverage trades up to 100X on cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum , Litecoin, Ripple, EOS, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano and TRON. This is really the gateway to riches or to financial distress if managed poorly.

Bitmex signal providers for telegram

First of all , Telegram is a very powerful tool that allows the Bitmex signal providers to communicate to masses in only one message, instantly. Also, telegram has an open API that allows developers to create bots for specific needs as reporting on signals and checking on cryptocurrency prices.

Fortunately we have signal providers that work around the clock and try to educate the cryptocurrency trading community on how to use Bitmex and Bitmex signals as best as possible. This is our list of the best Bitmex signal providers around. We should know, we’re doing this too.

Sublime Traders

Formed by real , non invented trading professionals based in France, They bring quantitative trading to new and experienced traders that want to learn and trade spot signals or futures signals on Bitmex.
Sublime Traders has a community of over 3000 users and despite the new age is showing extremely promising results. They provide signals through telegram and joining them is very easy.
Here you can learn AND trade, they provide full cryptocurrency trading analysis for almost every signal and they also provide social market sentiment and machine learning models for prediction of coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP.

Bob Trading signals

Bob’s signals is run by a very talented individual named..Bob. Highly active and invested, Bob has been in this space for around 3 years and provides quality cryptocurrency trading signals with technical analysis. He has a community of around 5k users and tries to educate people on trading rather than just showing signals that people follow blindly. The community is helpful and really tries to evolve using Bob’s guidelines.

Joining Bob’s trading group is done by contacting one of the moderators of his telegram group, fast and easy.

4C Trading

Founded by a french team of analysts with banking backgrounds, 4c Trading is offering a quality solution for trading signals for spot and futures markets including Bitmex. They offer a web dashboard for their solution and also provide trading education through their youtube channel or posts on their blog.

Joining 4C Trading is easy, they offer access to their platform and room through their website or telegram channel.


Finding good signal providers is no easy task. It is paved with scams and unsuccessful attempts at providing a quality financial service.
Every trader should have a balanced mindset when using signal providers as they do not guarantee success, no one can except for yourself.