Hello traders,

It’s time for our weekly update so let’s take a look on what this week is going to look like.

First of all, we have had an amazing past week with great returns.
Bitcoin has got up to $12,123 on Binance that was perfectly predicted by our take profit . Since then we have seen a retrace that peaked at 13% and is currently stabilized at the $12,200 levels.

Bitcoin becomes stable, altcoins are getting some tailwind, this will be a great week to trade in.

What’s new this week at Sublime Traders ?


Our free trial test period has ended and from now on any user that wants to commit to our services has a whole range of verifiable resources (approvals, results page…)


Another approval seal has been added to the Sublime Trading services. This time, following a through audit the team at Safetrading has marked us as approved and we are proud to say that we are in the top 4 most performant signal provider list.

You can see their audit here: https://safetrading.today/traders/sublime-traders/

AI model crypto prediction

By now you should know that we like to use our resources to provide as much value as possible to our users. So this week we will be implementing predictive models and we will be sharing them with our community ! We will start at a basic level so we don’t overwhelm you with information and based on YOUR feedback we will adapt.

Crypto Social Sentiment analysis

We said before we don’t like to trade on news because they are easily influenced, however we have now a new system that analyses cryptocurrency coins based on their social proof, news, media, hype and more… giving us a final score that we will include in our signals for our valued premium customers.

As you may see, we are really trying our best to get ahead of the lot in terms of services and their quality.

We wish you a profitable trading week!