Cryptocurrency trading signal groups are one of the best options for new users to get into trading. You don’t need to have any prior experience or knowledge to join, and a good trading signal group will literally take your hand and guide you all the way through the trading process .

So you heard that people are making serious profits with cryptocurrency trading and you feel like you are missing out of the action? Well this is a sign of weakness for an experienced trader, this state of mind is shortly called FOMO or the fear of missing out, pushing traders to make rash and often bad decisions.

People are making profits but they are not only making their own decisions, a lot of traders are using cryptocurrency trading signals to get trade ideas or to confirm trade entries or entries that they created themselves.

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What are trading signal groups?

Cryptocurrency trading signal providers or trade signal groups are groups of people that have paid memberships and that are lead by seasoned traders. These groups will post trade ideas that have entries and exits. Usually the trading groups use Discord and Telegram to broadcast trading signals in private groups.

Types of cryptocurrency trading groups

  • Pump groups: a lot of which are scams, the pump and dump group model scams people indirectly by giving the signals when the owners have already bought a hefty sum of the given asset.
  • High leverage groups: They catch user attention with high percentage profits, often hiding the losses which would even close a running business.
  • Spot and futures , low leverage groups: These are the most profitable in the long term, these are the groups that usually provide the most value for the service provided.

Finding a good signal provider for cryptocurrency

This is one of most diffucult tasks you will have as a signal provider user, you should make your due diligence on the signal provider you wish to follow, they can take your money and sometimes you don’t even get anything. No support , no technical analysis… this can be considered as a scam also .

Some projects have taken this task further and they try to provide unbiased reviews for signal providers. Therefore you can find reviews for crypto signal providers on Binance Futures Signals, HashCore and Safetrading . You might aswell start your trading journey here.