According to bitcoin’s extremely fast increase, almost everyone thinks about a career as a cryptocurrency trader. Cryptocurrency trading is known as one of the most profitable activities globally, with whatever market you are dealing with. Despite the risk, which this activity provides, the number of investors is increasing every day. So, how to become a successful cryptocurrency trader, and how much time is it requiring? 

One man said, 5000 hours of practice can make you an expert. Is it true? Come on and check it out. So let’s talk about cryptocurrency signal groups, various cryptocurrency trading academies, and courses.

Where can I learn BitCoin trading?

How do you know about cryptocurrency trading? Who motivated you to try yourself in this activity? Probably your favourite blogger, who has learned how to deal with the cryptocurrency market efficiently, provides a learning course or advertises the crypto movie. As you can understand, it can’t guarantee your success.

study Bitcoin

  1. Courses of professional cryptocurrency traders can tell you about his way and experience. Surely it will be helpful to your further down the line. Does it work? It always will be an excellent experience to learn something new and useful. Don’t hurry to become rich and remember the 5000 hours. Don’t focus on one school of trading, so check all the possible variants and choose the best option for you. Establish a balance between the fee and their work quality. Check out the reviews of the graduates of the course, trust only numbers and statistics.
  2. Use all the features provided by cryptocurrency exchange platforms, like the demo version. Unfortunately, beloved Binance doesn’t provide that opportunity, but trying another platform will not hurt. Pay attention to the trading platforms, which provide free crypto courses and movies for their clients. They will give you access to all available information on the Web, and a wide range of educational tools. Newbies and even experienced traders of all levels can learn a thing or two from the articles, webinars, and videos.
  3. It may sound strange, but pay attention to the crypto movies and books from which successful traders were gaining knowledge. As you know, knowledge is power, and there is always room for improvement. Mix your routine up with some interesting book or a movie, which can also be useful at learning cryptocurrency trading.

Bitcoin demo accounts to practice trading

Check out the interesting available feature — demo trading accounts. A demo account is a type of account offered by trading platforms funded with virtual money. Learn how to trade without investments. It is precisely an excellent opportunity for new users, where you can test the trading platform and its various features before deciding to set up a real account funded with real money.

It surely feels different because you can better learn from your mistakes by losing and winning your own money on the real account. When trading on the demo account, you don’t care about managing fake money because losing it won’t set things in motion. To achieve some experience and discover cryptocurrency trading, you would better invest a small amount of money — about 20-30 dollars.

Bitcoin demo account

How to become a cryptocurrency trader with no experience?

Every day specialists create new tools and provide new beneficial opportunities to live and work easier. Now, when cryptocurrency is especially popular, even newbies can trade and earn money. Have you ever heard about cryptocurrency signal channels? Crypto signal groups are communities of traders where they share information about changes in the cryptocurrency exchange rate diagram. That solution provides an opportunity to stay aware 

and updated, even without the trading platform’s permanent monitoring.

How to choose a group with cryptocurrency signals?

  • Be careful with channels with free access. Well, do your own thinking, who benefits to help you to trade for free? We can assure you, looking for a proven cryptocurrency signals group is like buying a pig in a poke.
  • Prefer authoritative services with a good track record, which will help you trade even if you have no market analysis experience. That feature allows newbies to take a real profit from trading and therefore motivates them to develop. As for professional cryptocurrency traders, such signals can help expand activities and double or even triple a profit.

Be confident about investing your money based on cryptocurrency signals. Your success is their priority, without that, they can not exist. To be ensured about safety of your payments, you can ask a Telegram channel of signal service with trade signal results. Numbers and statistics can’t lie.