In the last week, we have mostly seen sideways movement for the prices of the cryptocurrencies but in the last couple of days, there has been some bullish price action. Luckily our proprietary signal generating algorithm has been actively scanning the market for opportunities and even in the times when the market was boring found great entry points.

In this post, we are going to cover 3 coins that we have provided signals for in the last week with the most notable percentage gains.


Since the start of the month, the first cryptocurrency that was on our watchlist as it was expected to bring significant gains was Verge. This is why last Wednesday on July 1st after the first sign of confirmation we have put out a signal in our premium telegram spot trading channel.  

As you can see our first Profit target was set at 85 Satoshi while our last was set at 135. With a tight stop loss set at 63 from the current level of 77, this trade was up to 4,14 risk/reward ratio.

In a matter of 7h, our first target was met making our premium members 10.36% making this signal the fastest profit bringing signal in the last week.

Since then we have adjusted our stop loss to be a trailing one and have been stopped out as the price started falling back and is currently around the 73 Satoshi level which made this trade a safe bet with further upside potential still being in play.


Our previous signal was the most notable one in the past period and was released on the 29th of Jun for Cardano against Bitcoin.

A long position was suggested by our algorithm as the price came up and retested it’s prior high putting upward pressure, we have seen that a breakout with strong momentum was imminent. Because we were confidante it this signal and wanted to bring attention to the looming breakout this signal was also released in our free telegram channel as well as in our spot trading one.

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With an entry point set between 885-920 and our last profit target at 1300 Satoshi, this trade was a conservative 3:1 risk/reward ratio as the stop loss level was just below the prior local low at 830, making this signal the most notable one in percentage gains.

The price ultimately came above our last target level making our subscribers as well as those who are members of our free group over 63% in just 7 days!


Our third most notable signal is for Dock against BTC put out in our spot trading channel on the 3rd of July.

Buy zone was indicated around 80-85 Satoshi while the stop loss was set just below the starting point of the last increase at 69. As you can see we have outlined 4 take profit targets and with the last standing at 117 this trade was again going for a 3:1 risk/reward ratio.

The price of Dock spiked to the upside like expected coming just above our 2nd target but the 3rd one hasn’t been activated before the price started falling back which is why we have secured the profits at 97 Satoshi making 19.24% in only two days.


These 3 coins have made a total of 93.51% in just this last week! Our premium subscribers have been experiencing even more as these are only the most notable once from our spot trading channel.

In our futures trading channel has brought even more gains as futures contracts use leverage plus with a margin you can make money while the market is in a decline and you don’t have to wait for a bullish period.

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