Here’s the deal, OkEx is a serious exchange but has had some legal problems which scared some of the users away, no wonder, in a world of crypto that is just barely starting to get regulated. In order to regain the trust of the community, they are creating a lot of rewards for traders to get back on their platform, and the latest addition is the h appy friday rewards, and boy they did this right this time.

So here’s the deal, every Friday at 9AM UTC(until the 25th of December), OkEx will be having an airdrop calculated in the following manner:


 1) 10% of the weekly OkEx fees * total value or sum of any user’s assets on the exchange.


2) 10% of the weekly OkEx fees * users daily average trading volume / daily trading volume of all users

How to hack OkEx happy friday airdrop:

So, looks simple but it has some keywords that allow us to take advantage of this. So we have 2 options, either we deposit some USDT and get rewarded based on that , either we base that calculation on daily traded volume.

In the special remarks section you will also find that OKB will be doubled in value when converted to USDT, this here is the key, so what we are going to do is :

Instead of just depositing USDT and leaving it there, which is fine btw , we can BUY Spot OKB which will be doubled in when converted back to USDT and hedge our trade on the futures OKB/USDT pair. 

So to make it simple heres the formula:

  • If you haven’t already, create an OkEx account here
  • Get verified lv 2 (takes 5 Minutes, and approved in 10)
  • Buy OKB spot 
  • Sell the same amount of OKB Margin x10(as a hedge)
  • Friday at 9AM the calculation takes place and you reap your reward

Doing this will allow you to benefit from the rewards with no actual risk (as it is all hedged), it’s basically free money.

Optional: Just deposit USDT and wait for the rewards

The link to the promotion page is can be found here: . Might aswell use our link to create an account if you don’t have any as a sign of appreciation for the tip.