scalping channel

Hello everyone, we have the pleasure to announce the launch of a new product, a trading product dedicated to day traders. It is the fastest form of cryptocurrency trading signal around, and we are proud to say that we have achieved a precision of 80%-90%.

Introducing the SCALPING CHANNEL

We just launched the Scalping channel and it is included for free in all of our VIP Plans. It allows members to trade on short time frames and base their trades on our 1 hour chart trading signals. The only supported pair for now is BTC/USD . You can trade this pair on the futures or the spot exchanges of your choice.

What is this crypto signal type good for?

Scalping is a form of day trading based on identifying the top and the bottom of a formation, be it channel or other. Scalping is commonly used in forex and is highly dependant on volatility, no volatility, no trades.

Potential profits and risks

In general, having a sound scalping strategy is difficult and very consuming on time and energy. Another important aspect is that humans tend to fatigue after several hours of intense trading, therefore making mistakes and rash decisions.
However with our signals, all you need to do is to identify the closest SL and take profit points. You have your entries already set.
We have found that on average on the 15m chart we can get anywhere between 1% – 7% profits per trade. And the beauty of it is that the risk ratio is at least 2/1.

How to trade on the scalping channel

Trading on the Scalping Channel is easy as long as you follow some simple rules. First of all lets see what types of signals we get and what they mean.

♦️♦️ Red Diamond – Extremely bearish
♦️ Blood Diamond – Bearish
❌ Red cross – Bearish confirmation
◀️ Blue Triangle – reversal formation
🟢 Buy – Bullish(reversal just ocured)
🟢🟢 Buy (+divergence) – Extremely Bullish

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Now it might not seem like much info but remember that these signals don’t go alone. While you can get lucky shorting a ♦️ Blood diamond on its own, it is never a good idea to do so . We also recommend you to wait for the candle to close in order to confirm the trend direction.

SHORTING (selling)- Generally you can start thinking to short when you see the ◀️ Blue Triangle reversal formation. This is the first sign that the channel has reached the top, however you will now need to wait for a ♦️♦️ Red Diamond, a ♦️ Blood Diamond or a ❌ Red cross before you post a trade. You can set the stop loss just above the top of the ◀️ Blue Triangle candle . Please take trades that have at least 1,7/1 RR(risk reward ratio) so that in the long run you stay safe. If you want to know more about our Risk reward method, please see this article.

LONGING(buying) – Buying is done in a similar manner to selling only that here your triggers are 🟢 Buy and 🟢🟢 Buy + divergence. The latter meaning that we have a strong bullish divergence identified. The confirmation for buying is the appereance of engulfing candles .


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