Have you ever wondered why some celebrities are Celebrity NFT Owners? The answer is simple – they have money to spend! These celebrities have the freedom to do whatever they want, whether that is appearing in commercials or DJ’ing at some of the biggest music festivals. They also have lots of time to get involved in their favorite causes, including NFTs. Here are some of the celebrities who have invested in these boats:

Justin Bieber

You may be wondering how a famous person can make money in the cryptocurrency space. Justin Bieber is one of the most famous investors in NFTs. The young singer and songwriter bought an Alien Frens NFT with 2 ETH, and it pumped up to 3 ETH after that celebrity NFT purchase. Bieber has since bought over two thousand NFTs and has invested in major projects.

The Grammy award-winning singer Justin Bieber is the latest celebrity to become a NFT owner. He recently added his latest NFT to his collection, purchasing a Bored Ape #3850 for 500 ETH. Bieber’s NFT is under the 1% rarest NFT, which translates to roughly three times its base value. He will soon be joining other high-profile celebrities in the crypto world.


If you’re interested in acquiring a Lil Baby NFT, then you’ve come to the right place. The rapper is a celebrity NFT owner with a substantial wallet full of rare tokens. As a matter of fact, many NFT collections airdrop NFTs to famous people. This makes it seem as if Lil Baby has purchased into the collection. But how does Lil Baby have so many tokens in his wallet?

The American rapper LilBaby is one of the first celebrity NFT owners. He recently purchased a Mutant Ape and a Bored Ape, each worth approximately 70 Ethereum. The rapper also recently bought an Ape valued at $30,000 from NFL athlete Dez Bryant. Meanwhile, Lil Baby also joined the Bored Ape Yacht Club with the help of MoonPay. He purchased a Cheetah Fur Bored Ape for 55 Ether.

Logan Paul

You may have heard of Logan Paul, the famous YouTuber and boxer who started his own NFT marketplace. Paul has a large collection of NFTs from some of the most famous projects. In fact, he is one of the biggest players in the NFT space right now. His collection of NFTs from the Lucky Block crypto games and competitions platform is worth $3.5 million, and his NFT Platinum Rollers Club will be made up of NFT bros.

In January 2022, Paul purchased BAYC #1442, worth 38 ETH. That’s double the price today! His Ape is decorated with DMT fur, 3D glasses, and a captain’s hat. Another celebrity NFT owner is comedian Kevin Hart, who bought BAYC #9258 for 79.5 ETH, a price that would be more than double its current value.

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg has made a few appearances in the celebrity NFT world. He has gifted his fans with artist NFTs that depict his weed smoking lifestyle and his face on $100 bills. One of his crypto fans has even gifted him with a “Cozomo de Snoop” (the doggie’s horns) NFT, which is a representation of his eponymous cryptocurrency. Another celebrity NFT that has caught the attention of crypto enthusiasts is the one he gave away. The Medici Vault was named after Cosimo de’ Medici, who founded the renowned Medici family in Italy.

Not only does Snoop Dogg have the highest investment of any celebrity NFT owner, he is also one of the most influential. He endorsed Dogecoin early on and collaborated with Sandbox Game on a new land offering. Snoop Dogg has an impressive list of NFTs: his trove of NFTs totals $24.9 million. The rapper even dropped his pseudonym on Twitter, which has sparked controversy over his crypto accounts and NFT projects.


If you’re wondering how Neymar obtained his NFT, he is one of the celebrity NFT owners. He purchased the NFT on the OpenSea platform and used the EnJayVault wallet to store it. The Brazilian has six NFTs in his collection. The NFTs feature his signature party hat, bubble gum mouth, and holographic eyes. He also has an NFT by Mutant Ape.

Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFTs are proving popular with celebrities, as many have paid over six million dollars to buy them. Neymar Jr. is one of the most famous NFT owners, having paid $521,000 for two NFTs from the BAYC’s collection. Currently, Neymar Jr. has three NFTs in his EneJayVault wallet.

Ozzy Osbourne

The latest scam involving Ozzy Osbourne isn’t the singer’s fault. It’s the fault of hackers who took advantage of Ozzy’s fame to rob countless people of their digital assets. The fake website, which used the artist’s name, posed as Ozzy Osbourne’s. In the process, the victims of the scam lost nearly $40k in digital assets.

The music icon, songwriter, and TV personality Ozzy Osbourne has decided to get into the non-fungible token game world. Ozzy is known as the “Godfather of Metal” and infamously bit the head off a bat in 1982. His interest in cryptography and blockchain-based digital tokens is reflected in his upcoming release of a collection of NFTs called CryptoBatz. The new collection will contain nearly 10,000 pieces. In addition to the saga of the band, Ozzy has teamed up with Sutter Systems to develop a unique project for his fans.

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