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Because of the current hype around the cryptocurrency market, the number of investors is rising every day. Believe it or not, but a lot of crypto kings and famous analytics tell us that all that is happening around crypto is the only beginning, so don’t waste your time and start investing, when others say that it is too late to buy crypto. 

How does cryptocurrency trading work?

As for our cryptocurrency guide for dummies, the meaning of crypto trading is quite simple. All that you need to buy for a cheaper price and sell for a higher pro take profit. Sounds easy, isn’t it? Don’t hurry to imagine how rich you will become, let’s discover the difficulties of cryptocurrency trading, which justifies the profitability of this activity.

The most challenging point while trading crypto is to choose the entry and exit of the trade. Just for the note, entry of the trade – is the particular price, for which you bought a certain amount of crypto, and exit of the trade is the final price, for which you would sell your asset. In the world of cryptocurrencies, selecting an entry called “catching a falling knife”, which can hurt you, when the cryptocurrency price will go down, causing damage to your deposit. 

As you can get, you should have particular skills and experience, to enter a trade successfully expecting cryptocurrency, for example, Bitcoin, to rise, but there is a solution both for experienced traders and dummies – bitcoin signals. 

Also, it will be essential to feel the difference between investing and trading. Roughly speaking, investing is buying cryptocurrencies for a long-term holding, expecting them to take profit later.

At the same time, trading is an active selling and buying assets both on the spot, margin, and futures with leverage, selling coins from one cryptocurrency exchange platform to another, etc. 

How to start trading cryptocurrencies

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  • Choose the proven cryptocurrency exchange platform

At first, you should select the proven cryptocurrency exchange platform, which will keep your assets safe and secure your rights. A list of reliable services: Binance, Bybit, Coinbase, KuCoin, Bittrex, and others.

You should be very careful while choosing a service to work with, as the number of scam platforms is rising. To prevent losing your crypto, keep it on cold wallets and trust only proven services. 

  • Select the reliable cryptocurrencies to invest in

Despite the large and wide cryptocurrencies list, almost all beginners know only about Bitcoin, while there are many assets, which can make you rich. 

At first, let discover what characterizes the best cryptocurrency. Of course, it is a reliable coin that can make you rich and has a fundamental basis, which means its reliability. 

How to select the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2021 for beginners? Without particular experience, buying only coins from the top on your cryptocurrency exchange platform is recommended. We prepared for you a simple template of beginner portfolio, which contains Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), BNB (Binance coin), and XRP (Ripple). 

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Don’t trust scam cryptocurrencies, doubling and even tripling their prices after hours, as you can miss their dump, after which your deposit may turn to zero. Invest wisely!

  • Establish and follow the risk management plan
  1. Use limit orders (T/P and S/L)
  2. Don’t buy anything on highs
  3. Diversify your portfolio
  4. Don’t invest more than you are ready to lose
  5. Don’t believe the hype, and don’t go all-in
  6. Always leave free USDT (30-50% of your deposit)
  • Discipline yourself

One of the most essential points in the world of cryptocurrencies is to put your emotions aside. Forget about panic sales and hype buys, which may cause unpleasant consequences. Don’t worry about the moves of the market, even if the cryptocurrency market is going down, sooner or later bulls will win, and you will be happy because of the green candles.

  • Be aware and updated

It is essential to stay constantly aware and updated, learning new helpful information, as there are no improvement limits. Check out the bitcoin news, trace the cryptocurrency exchange platform’s in/out flows, levels of support, and resistance to achieve a priceless experience. If you have time or skills to trade successfully, you can always rely on experts, providing you an endless flow of bitcoin signals. 

Is crypto trading profitable?

Without any doubt, crypto trading is exactly profitable; furthermore, it is the most profitable way to invest your money, comparing crypto to deposits in banks, stock, and bonds. According to the high volatility of the cryptocurrency market, which provides tangible changes in the prices of the coins, it lets every user trade and earn every day. Can you realize that only one asset can make you rich after a couple of days or even hours? But you should realize that the higher the expected profit, the higher the risk. Check out the info below on how to trade like a king despite the situation on the market with bitcoin signals. 

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Is trading cryptocurrency safe?

Even although many old-school financiers won’t say that cryptocurrency is safe, at the same time, many investors become rich thanks to bitcoin. We understand how frightened you can become when you see the cryptocurrency market go down, but we promise that you will adjust. You will get soon that falling the cryptocurrency price is a great chance to buy more, but not to worry. Furthermore, in most cases, the best time to buy crypto is when everyone starts to panic and tell that crypto is a scam. 

Just for the record, there are many cryptocurrency trading strategies, which will keep you safe despite the situation on the market, on condition of proper following of risk management. 

Start earning now with bitcoin signals

Do you know the proverb, which says “Who owns the information, he owns the world”? Just imagine how rich you can become if you know the future. With SublimeTraders bitcoin signals, it is real! Our experienced analytics provides the best crypto signals, which will help you earn even during the bearish market. 

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