Risks of auto-trading

With the progress of any market, there come a lot of solutions presented as special software. Today we will talk about automated trading software and how to use it to take profit considering risk management

An auto-trading system, or algorithmic trading software, allows traders to establish specific rules to take profit and stop losing. Once programmed, it can be automatically executed by a bot, a so-called auto-trading robot.

Do you know that almost 70-80% of trading is algorithmic? In the U.S. stock market and many other developed financial markets, about 70-80 percent of overall trading volume is generated through automated trading software. However, in emerging economies like India, auto trading’s overall trading volume is estimated to be around 40 percent.

Check out the info below to get familiar with the algorithmic trading software by the case of today’s popular crypto bots.

Auto-trading crypto risk management

At first, we want to highlight that using a crypto bot requires much experience under your belt and particular technical analyzing skills to set and point it correctly. Bear in mind that the crypto market is very volatile, which means it is unpredictable. You should understand that automated trading software can’t improvise, making it dependent on specialists’ permanent monitoring. 

crypto risk management

Tips and tricks for profitable auto trading with expected risks:

  • Don’t pay for the pig in a poke

Don’t trust services that promise you will become rich with the help of their trading software. As we said before, according to the everyday changes of the crypto market, you can treat it like nonsense. Anyway, proven software, which can be successfully used, does exist. 

However, authoritative companies don’t provide a 100% guarantee. 

Check out the info below to find out how to determine a proven automated trading software and service.  

  • Calculate your risk and reward

Despite trading activity being a kind of game, which excites you, you should calculate a risk/reward ratio to play with profit. 

  • Don’t trust unknown coins

Have you ever seen tokens that doubled or tripled their value after just a couple of days? It is pretty good, but it can be more difficult to determine an entry and exit of a trade, so we recommend you invest in popular coins on most cryptocurrency exchange platforms. 

Furthermore, non-popular assets are less affordable on the market, which points to their low liquidity. Try investing in such coins as BTC, ETH, BNB, and others, as they can be easily converted into cash or other cryptocurrencies. 

  • Monitor the process

Consider forming different technical difficulties to prevent incorrigible consequences. 

After starting using algorithmic trading software, keep monitoring its work and correct it according to the trends of the market. A bot is only able to do the specified work previously set by you. Despite that a program has no emotions, it cannot fit the unexpected situation and work differently. 

  • Don’t believe the hype and ignore FOMO

You probably joined the traders’ family when bitcoin was on the top, didn’t you? Are you familiar with the feeling of losing an earning opportunity? It will be better for you to ignore this feeling, to prevent losing money. 

What is FOMO and how does it work? FOMO is defined as Fear Of Missing Out. Imagine that you invested $100 in BTC when it cost $51000. Then you realized that Bitcoin was getting more and more expensive and bought some more at the price of $58000, after which BTC value went down, and you lost your reward. Here comes a conclusion – don’t hurry to make wads of cash; an opportunity to earn will always exist. Trade with your brain, and don’t be greedy. 

Why is automated trading software necessary?

  • The bot has no fear and excitement

In contradistinction to human nature, bots have no fear and gamble, while a real trader can start successfully working only after putting emotions aside. 

auto trading software
  • The automated trading software will save you time

Being armed with algorithmic trading software doesn’t let you get rid of your trading duties, but it will save you time. As you know, the trading activity requires a lot of time, according to a large number of coins, which can be profitable like you can’t imagine. 

  • Try all the possible ways and strategies to trade

Also, with auto-trading bots, you have an opportunity to trade with different strategies at the same time, boosting your profit and earning much experience.

Is automated trading profitable?

The answer is yes! Loosely speaking, even collecting bottles can be profitable; it is all about the correct use and healthy and creative ideas. Doubtless, using auto trading robots can make you rich when used appropriately. It is a great option for traders who want to expand their activities. In this case, automated trading software acts as a great management tool, which allows you to trade different coins by different strategies at the same time.  

Simplify your life with trading bots and signals

With proven services for traders, you won’t need to know how to create a trading algorithm; just find a service that meets your needs. If you are a newbie, you can boost your profit with trading signals, which are also available on our site. Trade like a king even during the bear run, when the whole market is crashing. Automated trading software with proven trading signals will make you invincible. But, as you can guess, it costs money.

For the record, it is not recommended to trust free auto trading bots because you only find free cheese in a mousetrap. 

How to select a proven service? As for our company, you can check out our free telegram channel with trading results. Only true statistics, no cap. Don’t believe empty promises, believe only numbers. Never go all-in, stay aware and updated.

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