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Risk management, RR ratio and position sizing in c...

Contents in this article: Opening note Portfolio Account Size Account Risk Trade Risk Position Sizing Final Word Introduction Be it small or large, any kind of portfolio needs proper risk management. The whole point of risk management is to allow you to continue trading, as simple as that. It keeps you for making repeated mistakes

Bitcoin market recap
Bitcoin weekly recap + weekly coin pick 12 June

This week in crypto started boring and as expected, the so called volatility spring broke to the lowside this time. This is our market recap for the 2nd week of June 2020. We have not posted any BTC trading signals this week because our accuracy was lower than our standard. BTC/USD From yesterday’s high at

Cardano analysis ADA/BTC under the loupe

We try to provide as much info as possible for our community regarding all the trades we chose and the logic behind them. While it is difficult to detail certain quantitative aspects of our cryptocurrency trading signals, we will from now on provide technical analysis like this here post. ADA/USD overview The price of Cardano

10 Trading Tools Every Crypto Trader Should Know

If you are new to the crypto sector, various crypto-trading tools can be of great use to you. Even if you are an experienced cryptocurrency trader, various tools can help to boost your performance in the crypto market. The goal of these tools is to help you manage risk so that you can make intelligent

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The quantitative approach of Sublime Trading Signa...

Despite the scary sounding title, you don’t need to have a PhD in math or be some kind of rocket scientist in order to understand the quantitative approach of well… anything. While you do need to have some basic understanding of statistics, quantitative analysis is based on simple calculations of standard deviations and how to

bybit mutual insurance
Bybit mutual insurance review

We consider Bybit to be one of the best futures exchanges out there for cryptocurrency. It offers leverage trading for up to x100 for BTC, ETH, EOS and XRP. The market has enough volume, no execution errors as it’s more popular competitor(BITMEX), and a very very nice interface that allows for quick trading . They

Bitcoin price drop of 14% – here’s why...

Here we are , the 2nd June 2020 and the BTC price wend down from $10, 180 to $8,600 in one single hourly candle, in fact the whole price movement took only 15 minutes to happen. It was fast and violent as we can often see with the king of cryptocurrencies and all the other

Everyone, meet Sublime Traders

Hello everyone, It has been a long adventure from idea to final realized project. We have had a lot of questions on the way and we were discouraged also by the sheer number of cryptocurrency signal providers that are now well… all over the place. But then we thought again , we started this idea