margin crypto trading
Features of margin crypto trading

Modern exchanges are equipped with such extensive functionality that they are far from being limited to the provision of trading services and make it possible to receive passive income. Margin trading is prevalent among crypto traders dealing with cryptocurrency speculation. Such transactions with digital coins quickly increase the amount of capital available. However, the profitability

trading platform
How to choose the best crypto trading platform?

The popularity of cryptocurrency is growing, and with it, the number of cryptocurrency traders. If you have decided to invest in a crypto currency, you first need to choose a suitable trading platform.  Crypto trading platforms are designed to buy, sell, exchange popular or rare coins. Such platforms’ functionality includes creating simple and complex orders, storage

trading signals
Is it worth investing in crypto and using trading ...

Cryptocurrency exists relatively recently; however, there are already so many varieties of it on the market that it can be difficult for a newbie to trade. Moreover, the cryptocurrency rate can change dramatically in a short period, which can bring significant profit or loss of investment. This is why you need to know all the

crypto trading signals
What are cryptocurrency trading signals?

The cryptocurrency market is volatile, with significant fluctuations in the rate. Experienced traders use this feature to make an income, knowing how to calculate the rate jumps in advance. But they are also ready to share their knowledge with novice by providing trading signals about profitable deals. Let’s figure out what trading signals are and

crypto investor
What makes a good crypto investor?

Nowadays, it is hard to escape from bitcoin news on the Web. More and more people are becoming mad about cryptocurrency trading, according to the bitcoin price.  It is precisely a very interesting activity, which excites and fuels distrust at the same time. Imagine that you decided to buy some crypto on Binance, and according to the

security of a crypto wallet
Improving the security of a crypto wallet

According to the high cryptocurrency price, the activity of trading crypto makes a lot of people mad. It is easier to keep your real money safe, for example, by keeping it under the pillow, but how to keep the virtual money secured? The Internet and various digital communication technologies improve our lifestyle and require a higher

study crypto trading
Where to learn cryptocurrency trading?

According to bitcoin’s extremely fast increase, almost everyone thinks about a career as a cryptocurrency trader. Cryptocurrency trading is known as one of the most profitable activities globally, with whatever market you are dealing with. Despite the risk, which this activity provides, the number of investors is increasing every day. So, how to become a successful cryptocurrency

Exit from trading
How to plan an exit when trading crypto?

In general, a niche of crypto trading is very unstable. There is a list of rules and helpers like crypto signal groups, but often you need to improvise without following any instructions.  Remember to put your emotions aside to avoid making the wrong decision that can lead to a loss of a larger amount of money

How to Hack The Okex
How to hack OkEx Happy friday airdrop Dec 2020

Here’s the deal, OkEx is a serious exchange but has had some legal problems which scared some of the users away, no wonder, in a world of crypto that is just barely starting to get regulated. In order to regain the trust of the community, they are creating a lot of rewards for traders to get back

crypto signal provider
How to use Trade Signal Groups for crypto

Cryptocurrency trading signal groups are one of the best options for new users to get into trading. You don’t need to have any prior experience or knowledge to join, and a good trading signal group will literally take your hand and guide you all the way through the trading process . So you heard that